Saturday, September 14, 2013

Final post.

Well, it's been a while since last time I posted anything! Once again a lot has changed, I moved, I got a cat, and my eating habits are TOTALLY different than a year, even 6 months ago. Due to minor health issues I have cut all gluten and most dairy out of my diet, as well as white sugar and so therefore all "baked goods". Well the traditionally baked goods anyway with wheat flour. It started in may/june I noticed my stomach was not behaving quite well, I had cramps and unpleasant bowel movements and headaches almost everyday. I research a bit online, and thinking it was probably a dairy issue I cut all dairy (except yogurt). I got a bit better but I was still getting cramps, especially after eating pasta or bread. Ding ding ding...I stopped eating all foods with gluten and I have no more cramps and almost never any headaches(unless I spend too much time at the computer...).I was never "diagnosed" by an m.d. because these guys always wanna make you take pills and I don't wanna go down that path. Plus my problems were not so serious as to require medical attention, just a bit of research and a few conversations with a nutritionist were enough to make me choose to stop eating the foods that made me feel uncomfortable. And it took only a few weeks to make a difference. A HUGE difference. Oh and I also lost about 3 inches off my waist...added bonus, right? The exercising may have had something to do with it(swimming, yoga, weight training...), but I've exercised all my life and I've NEVER lost this kind of weight so fast. I'm just saying...And for those of you who might "worry" about the nutrients I might not be getting...don't worry, I eat plenty of veggies and fruits, millet, quinoa, eggs, meat and fish, nuts and healthy olive oil, and yogurt, the only dairy product still hanging out in my fridge...I eat as "clean" as possible. And it feels really good.
So, since this blog is mostly about baking, which I don't do anymore, I will not write anything else on it. This is the final post. I will leave it open because there are good recipes here and it's still getting hits, so for the sake of Google searchers I won't delete anything.
I will, however start a new food blog eventually. Because I do still cook, just no more baking. Not this kind anyway...
So until next time, foodies!

Laurie xox :)

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