Monday, May 10, 2010

Baked-in-Foil Cod with Lemon and Thyme.

This is the first fish post on this blog. Surprising considering I really love fish and seafood and I eat a lot of it. But I usually have salmon or trout, and I always cook it the same way. It will be on here eventually...
I was going to get salmon for diner, actually, but I noticed at the store there was right next to it some fresh cod. Nice and thick filets, not too expensive. Oh Joy! Cod is my favorite white fish. It's so light and flaky, and easy to cook, like I did tonight wrapped in foil. Only 4 ingredients went into that. Well, 5 if you count the fish. And it cooks in no more than 10 minutes...
Here's how it went down:
First I cut a piece of foil big enough for that particular piece. I cut 6 lemon slices, lay down 3 on the bottom, along with some fresh thyme, sliced green onions and a few knobs of unsalted butter, salt and pepper. Then I lay the fish on top, and salted it again and pepper, a few more SMALL knobs of butter, the 3 lemon slices(on top of the butter), fresh thyme and green onions.


Wrap it snuggly in the foil, leaving a few small openings at both ends. In the oven at 400F for about 10 minutes, and it's done. If you're not sure how to tell the doneness, the fish will no longer be transparent, and will flake easily at the touch of a fork.

After: see how it opaque now...

This time I sliced the onions a little too big, they were not totally cooked but they're good raw so it wasn't a big deal.
Also the juice and melted butter at the bottom makes a nice little drizzle,
and since it was all done in foil, there's no mess, and the pan used won't be dirty=no washing...well, just a quick rincing!

Fish is awesome!

p.s. the orange vegetable on the first picture was sweet potato. cut up, steamed and dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper.


  1. Hmmm sounds great!! I am going to make this fish tonight!!! Feel free to post more fish!


  2. trying it now thanks for posting :)
    katie, Australia.

  3. Thanx I hope you liked it!!