Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When you just HAVE to have pizza...

Everybody loves pizza. I mean, it's bread, meat and cheese(ok, some veggies too...). What's better than that? But we all know it takes forever to make real dough, and ordering in can be quite pricey. Here's an easy way to get your pizza fix anytime, without getting stuck with leftovers that end up being dry and tough and usually gets eaten cold out of the box(ok, sometimes that can be good, like the day after a night of drinking for example...ya, i don't do that anymore...).
This is a freestyle type of meal, whatever's in the fridge will do.
For the "dough", use flatbread. It's sold in most grocery stores. I like the onion Naan bread. There's cumin in it, soooo tasty!
Next, smear some tomato sauce on it. I love italian food, I'm a pasta addict so I always have pasta sauce in my fridge, or a can of tomato sauce lying around somewhere. Today I used some spag sauce I had leftover from a few nights ago. 1-2 tablespoons is usually enough.(sometimes i smash a few slices of sundried tomatoes with garlic and oil and use that as a sauce; very tasty.)
Next, I like to put the meat under the cheese. In my case it's usually salami. I LOOOOVE salami. I'm not big on cold cuts but I could live with just salami and bread if I had to.
Then it's cheese time. Here I used cheddar. Another staple in my fridge. I try to use no more than 1/4 cup 'cause it's pretty greasy...
Finally, the "decorations": black olives and green onions. Olives is something else I could not live without. And green onions go in pretty much everything.
So there you have it. Perfect little pizza for 1!

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